Collective Courage Book Club

REPAIRED NATIONS’ Collective Courage Book Club walks participants through the book, chapter by chapter every week, focusing on how different organizations and leaders have failed and succeeded. Repaired Nations staff & Fellow Cooperators will co-host the book club Monday – Thursday @ 12:30 – 1:00 pm, helping us understand how to avoid pitfalls of the past, stand on the shoulders of our ancestors, and find best practices. Starting January 31st, our Zoom classroom will be open to the public, and participants in our Work Based Learning program. If you’re unable to sign up, check out REPAIRED NATIONS’ Youtube & Instagram for recaps.

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Week 7: March 14 – 17


Monday: Greg

Tuesday: Mama Mia


Thursday : Mikhael

Collective Courage :


Mon- 79-84 Part Two- Deliberate Economic Development

Tues- 85-90 Intro to strategy, Advocacy, & Practice

Wed- 91-97 African American Co-Op Curriculum


 98-103 Public Education

105-111 Efforts in Gary Indiana & Black Colleges