Work Based Learning Program



REPAIRED NATIONS’ Work Based Learning program supports Black Youth & Young Adults (16 – 34) in economically depressed neighborhoods, like East Oakland and North Richmond, who have historically been targeted and lead astray by school to prison pipelines, lacked employment and ownership opportunities in their communities, been victimized by police terrorism, and suffered the horrendous effects of gang violence.



This project simultaneously supports incoming workers and existing culture-based cooperatives and worker self-directed non profits, in disadvantaged populations. We lead skill building for incumbent workers and owners at these ventures, supporting high-achieving founders to equitably distribute responsibility and income distribution.


This 6 month program is designed with three pathways into cooperatives and collectives that are culturally-relevant, led by instructors who have the awareness and patience necessary to help Youth & Young Adults thrive. Repaired Nations helps build the soft and hard skills necessary for people to become future co-owners of cooperative enterprises. Navigation & transitional employment opportunities will support marginalized youth and underemployed adults to clarify their life’s vision, inherent talent, & the community issue that they want to have a hand in cooperatively solving.