3rd Annual Black Solidarity Conference  


After having to pivot because of  the Delta variant and Hurricane Ida we decided to create a series of prerecorded webinars that we premiered in a series of days. This change highlighted the need to be adaptable in these changing times. We were able to ask questions to other cooperatives about their experiences. We would love for you to take some time and catch up on all the jewels that were uncovered through these conversations.
Shout out to the African Wonder Acrobats , Sol Charge, Coop Dayton, Oaxxanda, House of Hayes, Califa Consulting , Malcolm X Grass Roots movement , Movement Generation, Mandela Grocery Coop, The Deep Coop, Raw Sol Collective ,Rich City Rides Cooperation Jackson ,Daety fiya,  The Be House,  , Movement Generation, Good JuJu Good Vibes, Any X Means, Divine Minds Think Aligned , Holistic Underground