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The projects Repaired Nations are apart of.

Oaxxanda’s Ashe/Slay Fashion Show


OAXXANDA: Cultural Cooperative Development Center, is an earth centered cultural resilience hub of artists, activists, makers, builders, and meditators. OAXXANDA  provides pathways for intergenerational East Oakland residents to deepen their healing journeys by developing a multi-unit live-work cooperative complex for Black, Indigenous and POC members. In 2019 Repaired Nations launched the Pan African Solidarity Economy Network and began a development arm to germinate the Live/Work Cooperative now called OAXXANDA.


June 6th was the day that we premiered Oaxxanda to the world at Akoma Market with our Ashe/Slay Fashion Show 


We feed the community, host cultural gatherings, and create media that inspires new dialogue and documents culture.

Raw Sol Collective

Raw Sol Collective is an Oakland based social enterprise that uses art, media, and food to inspire cooperative economics holistic healing and self determination

Raw Sol

Authentik Afrikan

When the pandemic hit our head designer Mia had a vision of a great way to support our favorite non-profit, Repaired Nations as well as show our cultural pride. After she began making her Ankara masks the demand was so great she recruited her daughter and niece as interns to keep up with orders. Today we are presenting Authentik Afrikan as a collective for artists and a resource for clothing that represents those whose style is authentik to their creativity.  


Designers,  such as Authentik Afrikan, premiered June 6th at Akoma Market with Oaxxanda’s Ashe/Slay Fashion Show. This included 

Authentik Afrikan

Since 2014, the East Oakland Black Cultural Zone Collaborative Partners has worked with a coalition of residents, government agencies, churches, and grassroots organizing and community groups to help keep Black folks in East Oakland. Through our strategy of building power, securing land, and directing more dollars to community driven projects we can secure a foothold in East Oakland that finally allows our neighborhoods to thrive

Black Cultural Zone

The Black Cultural Zone, conceived in 2014, addresses the disparate impact that decades of disinvestment in East Oakland and more recent displacement of Black People and Black Businesses from their legacy communities here in Oakland by centering Black Arts and Culture within a community development framework.   The East Oakland Black Cultural Zone Collaborative (the “Collaborative”) was formed by the Eastside Arts Alliance and several non-profit organizations located in East Oakland to develop the East Oakland Black Cultural Zone. The Collaborative  designated the East Oakland Black Cultural Zone as the 50 square blocks from High Street to the San Leandro Border and focused on implementing arts and cultural strategies and engaging artists and community members in art activism.




The DEEP (Deep East Oakland Empowering the People) was birthed from a group of young people who saw a need and stepped up to make a lasting change.

Our vision and commitment is to open a grocery store that is conveniently located to Deep East Oakland residents. Our store will source organic produce and pantry items made from ingredients you can actually pronounce. We will partner with local Black and Brown farmers and creators as much as possible to keep our dollars circulating with people of color.  

It’s gonna take a whole lotta work to bring this project into fruition. And we’re fully committed to doing the work. 


The Deep


The Holistic Underground is a 501c3 non-profit organization. We support projects which empower the change makers, leaders and organizations in social and environmental impact. We aim to catalyze a more creative, sustainable and holistic movement towards a just and peaceful world.


Holistic Underground

The Legal Roots Of Resilience




Sustainable Economies Law Center

Sustainable Economies Law Center cultivates a new legal landscape that supports community resilience and grassroots economic empowerment. We provide essential legal tools – education, research, advice, and advocacy – so communities everywhere can develop their own sustainable sources of food, housing, energy, jobs, and other vital aspects of a thriving community.