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OAXXANDA: Cultural Cooperative Development Center, is an earth centered cultural resilience hub of artists, activists, makers, builders, and meditaters. OAXXANDA  provides pathways for intergenerational East Oakland residents to deepen their healing journeys by developing a multi-unit live-work cooperative complex for Black, Indigenous and POC members. In 2019 Repaired Nations launched the Pan African Solidarity Economy Network and began a development arm to germinate the Live/Work Cooperative now called OAXXANDA.



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In 2021 we primarily seek Land & Housing Stabilization, specifically the acquisition and repurposing of a commercial/residential lot to build our cultural resilience hub. Our goals are to: Ground Black & Indigenous Bay Area Families, by demonstrating the financial feasibility of creatives intergenerationally pooling their resources to secure community stabilization through an outdoor market and cooperative mixed-used acquisition. OAXXANDA will create a thriving place of safety, where Pan African, Black, Indigenous and POC relationships can heal.



Greg Jackson

Oaxxanda Lead Steward

Repaired Nations is a Pan-African network of support, technical assistance and financial assistance.

Mia Jackson

OAXXANDA Treasurer

Authentik Afrikan [https://authentikafrikan.com/] a Women’s Garment Collective which trains seamstresses and builds up local garment manufacturing by connecting Oakland to Accra, Ghana with a storefront that sells custom-tailored clothes and accessories. 

Tut Kingdom


Good JuJu Good Vibes LLC provides an entire package for spiritually inclined people including: 1-on-1 consultations, classes, crystals, and wellness practices.

Anita de Asis AKA Needa Bee

Brand Expert

The Village housing dignity for all, we engage in education, advocacy and policy work to decriminalize homelessness.

Joyous Miralle de Asis

Product Management

Oakland’s Original Lumpia Lady   will have a permanent place to serve meals.Servin goodness since 1992 with their foodcart, nightclub spreads, full catering & pop ups.

Carolina Morones

 OAXXANDA Project Manager

Actor, Educator and Producer. Co-founder of Ritualistas, focused on healing and uniting the Diaspora through theatre and dance by rooting back to African and Indigenous healing practices and rituals found throughout the Americas.

Crsna Cox

OAXXANDA Outdoor Activation Lead



OAXXANDA Lead Media & Communications Lead

A media consultant of the House of Hayes and MC. From graphic design and video, to fashion design, Deli has been in the art and media world since he was a child.

OAXXANDA’s Workshops will offer Members and the community a space to 3D Print,

woodwork, permaculture, metalwork and other emergent culturally relevant art practices.



Ashe/Slay Fashion Show


Repaired Nations is teaming up with Oakland’s Black Cultural Zone and Art for the Movement to celebrate the creativity in our community!!!


Join us on June 6th, 2021 at the Akoma Market (held at Liberation Park in East Oakland)


The Akoma market is already becoming known as a hub for cultural activity and a place for small businesses to show their crafts and wares. June 6th’s show will be an immersion in the local art, music and fashion that makes Oakland so unique!


Contact Us

Name: Gregory Jackson

Position Title / Role: Lead Project Steward

Email: greg@theselc.org  

Name: Carolina Morones

Position Title / Role: Coop Project Manager

Email: oaxxanda@gmail.com

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