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Black Cooperative Development

Our Chosen Approach

Initially, REPAIRED NATIONS focuses on building wealth in Black communities by giving youth the tools needed to remain rooted: access to land and access to capital. Bookclubs, Workshops, and Trainings will educate and inspire communities to engage in cooperative effort, while giving grounded, practical skills for collective ownership.

Immediate Goal: To educate youth of color in California about cooperative enterprise and develop necessary infrastructure for cooperative development in under-resourced, disadvantages communities.




REPAIRED NATIONS creates redress for historic trends of oppression through cooperative training and development for collective ownership.

Quality Over Quantity

We repair the effects of colonization and oppression by helping to weave interconnected communities into thriving, sustainable networks to equitably provide the essentials of life.

Specializing in consultation, training, education, research, and development, REPAIRED NATIONS incubates start up cooperative organizations and provides much needed capacity to under-resourced communities organizations.

We are guided by the cooperative successes seen across the globe: Black Cooperatives in the US during the 19th Century (read Collective Courage) and today, Italy’s cooperative approach to unemployment, MONDRAGON’s multi-billion dollar annual revenue, South America’s recuperation movement of abandoned factories, Indigenous lending circles . . .


Contact us if you would like to be a part of our monthly Bookclubs that begin early 2019. Also let us know if you would like to attend a Think Outside the Boss Workshop in 2019.

Technical Assistance

Cooperative Incubation, Legal consultation, Social media, WordPress, Grant writing, Simple graphic design, Thought partner/leadership, and entrepreneur support.


Explore land sovereignty through community ownership in models like Community Land Trusts or Permanent Real Estate Cooperatives.

claim Your Story

Come with us to the Repaired Nations Cooperative Conference in Ghana.