Supported Projects


The projects Repaired Nations are apart of.

Oaxxanda’s Ashe/Slay Fashion Show


OAXXANDA: Cultural Cooperative Development Center, is an earth centered cultural resilience hub of artists, activists, makers, builders, and meditators. OAXXANDA  provides pathways for intergenerational East Oakland residents to deepen their healing journeys by developing a multi-unit live-work cooperative complex for Black, Indigenous and POC members. In 2019 Repaired Nations launched the Pan African Solidarity Economy Network and began a development arm to germinate the Live/Work Cooperative now called OAXXANDA.


June 6th was the day that we premiered Oaxxanda to the world at Akoma Market with our Ashe/Slay Fashion Show 


We feed the community, host cultural gatherings, and create media that inspires new dialogue and documents culture.

Raw Sol Collective

Raw Sol Collective is an Oakland based social enterprise that uses art, media, and food to inspire cooperative economics holistic healing and self determination

Raw Sol